[Panel Discussion] Technical Research at World-Leading Investment Managers:

How do world-leading investment management organizations use Technical Analysis to maximize investment performance - Advice for investment performance enhancement"

Oct. 4th 10:50 - 11:50

The two individual presentations on the use of technical analysis (TA) at world-leading investment management companies by Mr. David Keller, CMT (Managing Director of Research for Fidelity Investments, the world-leading mutual fund management company) and Mr. Adam Sorab, FSTA (Head of Technical Research at CQS, a leading hedge fund management company based in London) will be followed by a discussion by a panel of top-tier investment managers. Mr. Keller and Mr. Sorab will be joined by a number of speakers from other world-leading investment management institutions to form the panel. The panel will discuss how they utilize TA to enhance investment performance, and how TA should and should not be used. The audience will be encouraged to participate, by speaking to any panelists they want to ask questions or seek advice from.


David Keller, CMT
Adam Sorab, FSTA
Frank Teixeira, CFA, CMT
Rolf Wetzer, Ph.D.
David Sneddon, MSTA
Akihiro Niimi, MFTA


Brett Villaume, CMT, CAIA