NTAA 国際テクニカルアナリスト連盟(IFTA)加盟 日本テクニカルアナリスト協会 特定非営利活動法人(NPO法人)

Membership / Board & Executive Members


2,557 (Including 49 MFTA, 548 CFTe and 1,910 CMTA charter holders and  50 non charter holders ) as of December 2015.

The Nippon Technical Analysts Association Board of Directors, Auditors and Councilors

(as at September 1, 2018)

Board of Directors Kakuya Kojoh,  MFTA® Chairman
Hiroyuki Fukunaga, MFTA® Vice Chairman
Akihiro Niimi, MFTA® Vice Chairman General Manager, Text Editing Dept.
Chair, Essay Committee
Kazuyuki Namikawa Executive Director Executive Officer, Administration Group,
General Manager, Administration Dept. &
International Planning Dept., IFTA Liaison
Yukitoshi Higashino, MFTA® Director General Manager, CFTe Education Dept.
Jun Fukui,
Director General Manager, PR Planning Dept.
Auditors Masayuki Otani, CFTe® Auditor
Takanori Miyajima, MFTA® Auditor
Councilors Toshiki Aoki,    CMTA® Chair, Councilors Geneal Meeting
Senior Assistant to Chairman
Kensuke Ishihara, CFTe® General Manager, Extention Education Dept.
Mitsuo Shimizu, CFTe® General Manager, Seminar Dept.
Miyoko Nakashima,
General Manager, TA Introduction Dept.
Katsuhiko Nakamura,
General Manager, Area Seminar Dept.
Takashi Nakamura, MFTA® General Manager, Brush-Up Education Dept.
Koichi Nosaka, MFTA® General Manager, Research Dept.
Yuichiro Ishikawa Gneral Manager, Accounting Dept.
Mitsuo Seki, CFTe® Chair, Compliance Committee

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