[Panel Discussion] CFAs & Technical Analysis:

Why and how do CFAs use Technical Analysis?

Oct. 4th 15:35 - 16:40

A number of dual holders of CFA and technical analysis (TA) designations (CFTe, MSTA, Dip TA, CETA, CMT, etc.) representing a number of leading financial institutions around the world will form the panel. This will be a lively, fast-paced discussion. The panelists will talk on their experiences and express their views, prompted by moderator questions such as:
o "Although you are a CFA", "why do you use TA?" or "how did you come to use TA?"
o "How do you use TA?" and "what are your favorite TA techniques / tools?"
o "How do you combine TA and fundamental analysis?"
o "Where do think TA will be heading into the next decade, and the next century?", etc.


John Bollinger, CFA, CMT
Craig Johnson, CFA, CMT
David Lundgren, CFA, CMT
Feng Han, CFA, CMT
Akira Homma, CFA, CIIA, CMA, CFTe, CMT, FRM
Other dual holders of CFA & Technical Analysis designation (CFTe/MSTA/Dip.TA/CETA/CMT)


Aurelia Gerber, MBA, CFA