NTAA 国際テクニカルアナリスト連盟(IFTA)加盟 日本テクニカルアナリスト協会 特定非営利活動法人(NPO法人)

Benefits/Join us


The benefits of joining the NTAA include the following:

Free or Deeply Discounted Seminar Rates

The NTAA holds various seminars on market analysis and investment management. Normally these seminars are held several times per month at its Tokyo office, and several times per year outside Tokyo. NTAA members are eligible to attend most these seminars for free or are entitled to a discount, however non-members are required to pay to attend.

IFTA Affiliation

The International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) is a global organization of market analysis societies and associations. It is an international non-profit organization with member societies in 31 countries with some 7,000 colleagues.

The NTAA is an IFTA Member Society and all NTAA members automatically become IFTA colleagues and receive all of the associated benefits. This means as soon as you join the NTAA, you become part of the global investment community. The associated benefits with IFTA include access to the IFTA Journal and IFTA Newsletter; members also have access to archive issues going back to 2000. You are eligible to take the Masters of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA) exam. You are also entitled to attend the IFTA Conference at reduced rates. Also, you will shortly have access to the IFTA Colleague Directory, Technical Analyst and Lecturer Library and Technical Analyst Presentation Library that the IFTA is preparing and are scheduled to be launched shortly.

Technical Analysts Journal

The prize essay about a technical analysis is invited for a regular member. A prize is paid for a best essay and it is  also published as an article of the  Journal. The Journal also publish the presentation made by the prominent analyst representing our country at the annual conference of IFTA held in October every year.


Our members (over 2,000) include fund managers, institutional traders, investment analysts at asset management firms, research analysts at securities firms and independent research houses, stock brokers, newsletter writers, individual investors and academics. As a member you have the opportunity to interact with these people.



We are open to any individuals interested in technical analysis, regardless of nationality, country of origin, gender, religion, ethnic background or primary language (*).

The initial entrance fee (to be paid just once) and annual membership dues are as follow:

i) Entrance fee: 10,000 yen
ii) Annual membership dues: 18,000 yen

For details, please contact the NTAA office.

* Since most of our activities inside Japan are conducted in Japanese, members with certain proficiency in the Japanese language may find it easier to enjoy the full benefits of our membership. But this does not mean that perfect fluency in Japanese is required.