Carlos Jaureguizar

CEO, Noesis
President, Instituto Espanol de Analistas Tecnicos y Cuantitativos (IEATEC)
Madrid, Spain


Mr. Carlos Jaureguizar is an economist, CEO of Noesis, an independent analysis and consulting firm specialized in technical analysis. He is the author of two books focusing in technical analysis and professor at the University and several business schools, where he teaches technical analysis on its various areas. He is the president of IEATEC, the Spanish Association of Technical Analysts, a member society of IFTA.

Presentation Abstract

Candlestick: A Statistical Deep Research about the Performance of the Patterns

This presentation summarizes the statistics obtained thorough an in-depth study that was developed for more than two years, involving hundreds of thousands candlestick patterns. Frequency, effectiveness and average profitability will be shown, among other data.

Two statistical measures are particularly relevant. One is the effectiveness of the pattern; in some of them it is around 50%, suggesting no significance, while other predicted a market reversal that appeared in 80% of the cases. The average return is important, but frequency is essential. Karakasa patterns account for more than half of the cases, while others, such as the 'abandoned baby', are extremely rare.