Constance (Connie) Brown, CMT

Founder, Aerodynamic Investments Inc.
South Carolina, USA


Aerodynamic Investments Inc. was founded by Constance Brown, CMT in 1996. Connie is a global leader in the methods of W.D. Gann where these methods have been successfully used to manage her Hedge Fund trading financial futures. She has been trading since 1988. Her market opinions are posted at for other professionals and institutions. The benefit is a global network has developed through Asia, the Middle-East, Europe, and the Americas. Connie has authored nine books including Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional. Her book Fibonacci Analysis won a Gold medal in an international competition for education excellence.

Presentation Abstract

W.D. Gann's Method of Forecasting Time and Price in Global Financial Markets

Gann Analysis applied to Global Markets including intermarket timing and price for Oil, Gold, EURUSD, Rates, and Global Equity Indexes.

Pre-conference workshop

Fibonacci Price Projection

An open workshop to learn price projection techniques in various market conditions. You will learn how to increase your price target probability and accuracy by creating Fibonacci confluence zones. This workshop will also address stop placement.